The public had the opportunity to comment on proposed legislation that will (if passed) protect their land from nickel strip mining. As a surprise to the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, over 300 locals filled the room and waited outside for entry into the building. A brilliant show of support for both democracy and clean rivers!

On September 10th, 2015, the public voiced overwhelming support for the protection of this region. Listen to what they have to say about this beloved region, the Kalmiopsis, home to some of the most pristine rivers in the lower 48 state, serving as valuable salmon habitat, drinking water supply, and foundation for a tourism economy.

More information on Mineral Withdrawal:

The Kalmiopsis region, contains exceptionally high conservation values is threatened under an unjust law. The companies—Red Flat Nickel Corporation and RNR Resources lay claim to heritage lands belonging to all Americans. The rivers that flow through these National Forest and BLM lands are national treasures and the source of pure drinking water for our communities. 

Under the antiquated 1872 Mining Law, mining is allowed to trump all other uses or users. Mineral withdrawal is often the only option citizens and communities have to protect places too special to mine, our drinking water, and our natural heritage. Read more information available on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest website

  • Under Mineral Withdrawal, no new mining claims can be located in a withdrawn area. Second, existing mining claims have to be “valid” before mining activities can proceed.
  • Under Mineral Withdrawal, constitutional rights are protected: If a mining claim in a withdrawn area is valid, then the claimant’s right to mine is unaffected.