The Kalmiopsis region, the product of up-thrusted seafloor, gave rise to today's dramatic rust colored hills and turquoise waters. The rivers carve through complex ridges, provide fertile habitat for wild salmon and steelhead, and produce botanically rich flood plains. The Kalmiopsis Wildlands contain three National Wild and Scenic Rivers: the Illinois, Chetco and North Fork Smith, all designated for their outstanding water quality, scenery, wildlife and recreation values. Additionally, five tributaries are "eligible" for National Wild and Scenic designation: Baldface, Rough and Ready, Josephine/Canyon, Silver and Indigo Creeks. 

Smith River

The North Fork Smith River and its tributary, Baldface Creek are threatened by nickel mining in the South Kalmiopsis Roadless area by a foreign owned mining company. Learn more about efforts to protect the Smith River.


Chetco River

Clear, turquoise, and dramatic, the Chetco is free flowing and wild from its headwaters to the Pacific Ocean. Learn more about the Chetco and experience its beauty firsthand. 


Illinois River

Flowing out of the high Siskiyou Mountains, over 50 miles of the powerful Illinois river drops through deep and inaccessible wilderness until converging with the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. A favorite raft trip among locals and tourists alike. 

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